East-ender Extenders

Explore – Engage – Extend – Empower

This is the first thing you see when you get to Fleming College in Peterborough. We arrived early,  but it looked like these carpentry students had been there all night building a house. Besides the fact that this might be the best carpentry training space I have ever seen, it also worked as a metaphor for a day of shared activity, online and in person, with the Extend East cohort. What are we building?

Construction students build a mock house

Since kick off in August 2017, Ontario Extend is maturing into a community of open educators sharing ideas and reflecting on what can sometimes be the sticky points in online and technology-enabled teaching.  Extenders experiment with tools and technology and share openly to build the network as they go. Terry Greene explains all of the moving parts and new features of the Extend community in his post We Go Down East.

And so, we drove East (of Toronto) to work with a group of 30 keen and willing educators from 6 different institutions in the region. I think I saw some sparks. If you’re interested in learning more, watch the Daily Extend, Activity Bank and Domain of One’s Own syndicated list of East Cohort blogs over the next few weeks as we do a deeper dive into each module/area of practice. It’s an open invitation.

Big thanks to Alan Levine and the eCampusOntario team for getting us up and running!

Off to the races.

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